R245FA Refrigerant Gas

R245FA Refrigerant Gas

R245FA gas is the newest gas used in hot ambients. The purpose of production is related to production of electrical energy from hot water which is called “ORC”. However, this gas has been started to use in cooling by our company.

Evoparation is +16 °C degrees higher than R236FA gas. For this reason, It provides very well results in hot ambients and It is so difficult to stop cooling because of gas expansion.

The circulation temperature of the gas in the condenser is in the range of +80°C to +90°C degrees, R236FA gas which is nearest rival to R245FA is in the range of +50°C to +60 °C.

Our firm has tried R245 gas-fired air conditioner in iron and steel factories previously and It has been determined that R245 gas-fired air conditioner operated with more tolerant of +40°C when compare with R236FA gas-fired air conditioners.

Price of gas is also cheaper than other gas, so the operating cos is lower.

If your firm has trouble because of the heat, the R245FA gas-fired air conditioner is for you exactly!

Gas high pressure is measured as 10 bar and low pressure is 1.5 bar and it provides best cooling in these ranges.

It is more correct to call that this gas a extreme hot ambient gas because the condenser fan can be cooled almost without running.

Because of these features, hot ambient air conditioners can work more comfortably with R245FA gas especially dusty environments. Also condenser cleaning can be done less frequently which is and advantage in terms of operation because the personnel are less exposed to bad environment conditions.

Our firm has succeeded in the production of R245FA gas-fired air conditioners after long trials and researches and acquired good results.

You can get more information about these gas and air conditioners from our company.