About Us

Our company was established in 2015 and serves in industrial refrigeration and process refrigeration systems. Although we are not so old, we have been working in solution partner with our 30 years experienced team. In Turkey and ınternational market, Güneş Industrial which based on the principles of customer satisfaction, quality and trust, designs refrigeration systems for your functions of firm with optional, special and standard products.

Our services are as follows;

  • High ambient air conditioner which can perform until to +90 C degrees
  • Crane cabin air conditioners
  • Panel Room Air Conditioner
  • Refrigeration groups for wastewater treatment plant
  • Refrigeration groups which resistant to corrosive gases
  • Refrigeration groups which resistant to flue for cement plants
  • Refrigeration groups which resistant to corrosive effect of flue dust
  • Manufacturing, maintenance and installation of Chiller Groups
  • Filling and sales of R236 FA and R227 EA gas
  • Sales of all spare parts associated with HVAC

With our global vision, combining developing technology and engineering, we offer innovative and tailored solution to your air conditioning problems in working condition and production process to dear valued customers. In this sector, Our company is one of the few companies that offer service with unbeatable price and quality in wide range of products within context of world- class technology and guarantee.

All of our products that are produced in environment-friendly within context of social responsibility have standards with ISO Certificates and process of testing and quality control are recorded by us importantly. Experts in the field provides fast and effective service in before and after-sell services. We continue to offer the quality, fast and economic solutions that you desire for dear valued customers with priority customer satisfaction.