Zerol 150

Alkybenzene oil designed to lubricate compressors used in refrigeration, heat pumps and air conditioning systems.

Mobil Arctic SHC

Synthetic lubricants which contain only polyalphaolefin (PAO ) type hydrocarbons. Applications:- Mobil Arctic SHC 226E and 228 : ammonia-based refrigeration compressors and those using R-12 with very low evaporator temperatures. May only be used in c

Mobil Arctic SHC NH 68

Synthetic oil for ammonia (NH3)

Mobil Zerice S

Oils for refrigeration compressors. (AB) Mobil Zerice S Oils are premium quality synthetic refrigeration compressor lubricants. Based on alkyl benzenes, which due to their nature, have superior miscibility with hydrochlorofluorocarbon (R22), as well


Poly alpha olefin Synthetic oil with additives for protecting CO2 systems. The CPI®-4624-F Series compressor lubricants are formulated using a premium polyalphaolefin (PAO) base fluid combined with an unmatched high performance additive package. The

Bitzer B 150 SH, B 320 SH

Synthetic lubricant (POE) for Bitzer compressors.

Total Lunaria SH46

Oil for the lubrication of refrigeration compressors using NH3

CPI CP 4647-68

CPI®-4647-68 is a long life lubricant, formulated especially for ammonia refrigeration service.

CPI CP 4601-100

The compressor lubricants CPI®-4601 Series are formulated from a base fluidpolyalphaolefin (PAO) of the highest quality, combined with a set of high-performanceadditives.

CPI CP 6006-68 / 6006-100

Poly-alpha-olefin oil (PAO) Lubricant for process applications Very low pour point Excellent thermal stability

CP 4214-150 CP 4214-320

CPI-4214-320 is a synthetic refrigeration compressor POE  lubricant. This fluid offers the advantages of excellent natural lubricity, and excellent thermal and chemical stability with HCFC refrigerants.

Bitzer BVC 32

PVE: Polyvinylether oil