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Air Conditioners for Acidic Environments and Cement Factories

These air conditioners are generally made of chromium. Specifically, pipes and case are made of chromium, then are covered by aluminum and double epoxy primer and epoxy paint. So harmful gases cannot penetrate electrical panels. These air conditioner

Manufacturing of evaporators and condensers

Our company produces high-quality and customized evaporators and condensers for your needs. If you require, installation of evaporators and condensers may be done by our experienced team.

Crane Panel and Cabin Driver Rooms Air Conditioning

These air conditioner groups are usually produced to cool rooms that reside in crane panel and cabin driver at ambient temperature up to +90 degree Celsius. We use R-236FA refrigerant gas in their production. Your orders are assembled and delivered w

Crane Cabin Air Conditioner

Crane cabin air conditioners are produced for ambient temperatures up to +90 degree Celsius. They run with R-227EA and R-236FA gases and are generally used in iron and steel factories, aluminum processing plants, and casting factories. Crane cabin ai

Chiller Cooling Groups

Chiller Cooling Groups can perfectly operate at water temperature up to +35°С. However, they lose their efficiency when the water temperature exceeds +35°С; we then recommend air condenser.Air-cooled and water-cooled chillers are manufactured for