R236FA Refrigerant Gas

R236FA Refrigerant Gas

            R236FA refrigerant gas is an environmentally friendly. Also ıt does not leave any residual material. It can work in extreme hot environments. It gives well results in dusty places and ambient temperature which is up to 80 °C degrees. When compared to R227EA, R236FA can resist to 15 °C higher ambient temperature and It can provide cooling. Evaporating temperature of R236FA is -1,4 °C. R227EA evaporates at -15,4 °C. The temperature difference in this evaporation is the difference in the tolerance to the temperature.

It has been tried and teste done by one as a user and manufacturer that R236FA gas really both tolerates ambient temperature better than R227EA gas and decreases ratio of condenser/evaporator.

In air conditioners which this gas is used, ratio of evaporator and condenser is low. 1,5 unit of condenser is sufficient for 1 unit of evaporator. It means smaller compressor, smaller sizer of air conditioner. Especially in iron and steel and cement factories, there is both lack of space and the environment is extreme hot and dusty. Therefore, R236FA gas-fired air conditioners should be preferred due to their compact structure and showing tolerance towards to heat all the better. Although these air conditioners are expensive in terms of price, they are going to cause less problems during operation and case of inadequacy to pass from the gas phase to the liquid phase which is called gas expansion are going to be less common. Gas expansion is not seen in these air conditioners because gas even expanse, ıt immediately is going to recover and continue to cool when moving in to a slightly less warm place.

As a company, the air conditioners that we manufacture are the most free of problems and efficient air conditioners in iron and steel and cement factories and especially on the furnaces in foundry factories.

It should not be forgetten that cleaning of the condenser and evaporator of all air conditioners which operating in dusty and hot environments should done frequently and completely. Because regardless of which gas the air conditioner uses, the basic principle is to cool the heated gas. This is only possible with clean condenser and evaporator.

Where to find R236FA Refrigerant Gas?

R236FA refrigerant gas is always available in our stocks. Except for that, you can supply other refrigerant products from us. Oils and cleaning products required for cooling systems are also in our stocks. If you want to work with a professional team for cooling systems, please contact us. Please visit our products page to review all our products.