R227EA Refrigerant Gas

R227EA Refrigerant Gas

            In this refrigerant gas, You can get cooling up to 60°C ambient temperature. After the 60 °C ambient temperature, The gas continue to cool up to 60 °C by decreasing. It stops cooling at 70 °C because ıt cannot return from the gas phase to the liquid phase in terms of gas expansion. The pressure curves of this gas progress too close to pressure curves of R134A. The evaporation temperature of this gas is -15,6 °C. It is best way to understand ability of gases to resist ambient temperature is reviewing evaporation temperature.

There is evaporation difference of 10 °C between R134A gas and R227EA gas. R134A gas begins to expanse at 50 °C ambient temperature. When the ambient temperature reaches to 60 °C, cooling stops because of gas expansion. Therefore, they generally try to get rid of gas expansion problem by manufacture the condenser 3 times or even 4-5 times the size of the evaporator in extremely hot environments. This situation cause to too small evaporator and too large condenser and compressor but the result still does not change much because the chemical structure of the gas and ıts evaporation temperature do not allow this.

R227EA refrigerant gas provide to decrease condenser and compressor. However, this gas is used up to heating values which we mentioned above. Otherwise, the problem in the R134A is also experienced in this gas.

In the using of R227EA refrigerant, There is a difference of 2,5 units for 1 unit between the evaporator and condenser.  This ratio is close to R134A.

If the ambient temperature exceeds 60 °C and the environment is dusty, R236FA should be considered instead of this gas.

It should not be forgotten that clear results cannot be acquired without combining theoretical and practical information. Especially in places such as iron and steel and cement factories, companies that do not know how these air conditioners will work in these environments without witnessing working conditions should never be worked with.

Where to find R227EA Refrigerant Gas?

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